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Meet the Evo Performance Team!

At Evo Performance, we're not just about cars; we're about stories, passion, and the drive (pun intended) to be the best. Our team is the very embodiment of our brand - experienced, passionate, and always revving to go! Come experience the Evo Performance difference.


Raffi Karakouzian

(General Manager)

Born and raised in Montreal QC, lived 22 years in Miami, FL. Moved to BC in 2011. Ex-Professional Drift car driver and has been in the automotive industry for 20+ years. Hobbies involve a passion for cars, road trips/driving, skiing, fishing, boating, mountain biking, hiking, and cooking. Love the outdoor life, spending time with family and friends.


Matt Rusiecki

(Shop Foreman)

Born in Surrey BC. Matt’s hobbies include Drifting, Racing, Photography & going to the Gym. Matt has been an automotive tech for 15 years with a dealership background for 10 years. Evolution Auto Performance allowed him to dive into more exciting and creative automotive builds. If he’s not at the shop hes likely out drifting with friends or spending time with his family.


Jordan Hamming

Raised in Delta and moved to Maple Ridge in 2021 10 years in the automotive industry professionally and red-sealed ticketed. Hobbies are cars, hockey and golf.

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Kevin Casusi

(EFI Calibration Specialist)

Kevin has been an EFI Calibration Specialist, in gas and diesel vehicles from 2002 to today. 

This includes stock ECU and aftermarket, standalone ECU calibration for any aspiration, fuel, or engine type.

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